No Major Drama creates personalised rankings of majors available in New Zealand.

No Major Drama

No Major Drama is a tool for users to create personalised rankings of majors available for Bachelor (under-graduate) degrees in New Zealand.

Each user's ranking of majors is based on their own personal selection criteria related to their skills and interests and their own personal weights on the criteria.

As well as personalised rankings, No Major Drama provides summaries of what each major is about, which universities offer it, possible career opportunities and links to carefully chosen Wikipedia articles.

Users of No Major Drama can easily share their personalised rankings of majors and the other information mentioned above with other people, such as high school counselors and friends on Facebook.

The first and only software of its kind in the world!

Of course, other websites present lists of majors for students to browse, usually in alphabetical order. But only No Major Drama enables users to create personalised rankings based on their own criteria and weights.

No Major Drama is a unique and powerful tool that helps with one of the most important decisions in a person's life: What should I study at university?

Clearly, help with thinking about and then, ultimately, answering this question is of great value for students, parents or caregivers, high schools and counsellors.

Helping students to maximise their academic (and career) prospects is also of great national significance given education's social and economic importance and the scarcity of educational resources.

No Major Drama is completely free – for individual users and schools. Schools can sign up (for free) and create customised versions of No Major Drama for their students.

Download our PDF brochure [1.85MB] for more info about how No Major Drama works, and the benefits it offers schools.

Otago Choice

No Major Drama has evolved from our experience creating Otago Choice for the University of Otago.

The University of Otago has 20,000 students (including 2500 ‘internationals’) and offers 106 major subjects for its Bachelor degrees. Otago Choice provides information about each subject.

Since Otago Choice went ‘live’ on 1 July 2008, it has had over over 60,000 users.